Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals, Abstracts and Posters

Canadian Domestic Homicide Prevention Conference

Submission form opens:  December 15, 2016

Deadline for submissions:  April 30, 2017

A conference for policy makers, mental health, justice and social service professionals involved in the prevention, assessment, management, and safety planning for domestic violence and domestic homicide, particularly those working with Indigenous, rural, remote, northern, immigrant and refugee populations, and children exposed to domestic violence.

Conference Themes:

  • Working with Indigenous; rural, remote & northern; immigrant & refugee populations; and children exposed to domestic violence
  • Emerging trends in Canadian domestic homicides
  • Domestic homicide reviews in Canada
  • Risk assessment (RA), risk management (RM) & safety planning (SP)

You are invited to submit an abstract describing a panel presentation, workshop or poster to the Canadian Domestic Homicide Prevention Conference. We will be accepting the following types of abstract submissions:

  • Research relating to any of the themes.
  • On-going Projects, Programs or Initiatives regarding innovative projects, evaluation of programs and projects, risk assessment, management and safety planning strategies, best practices or experiences relating to any of the themes.

Panel/Workshop/Poster Format

Proposals must be submitted using the online submission form. The following information must be included: presentation type (e.g; poster, workshop, panel presentation); the conference theme addressed; full title of the presentation; full list of author(s)if applicable; primary presenter(s) contact information; and description.

Workshops (60 minutes)
Workshops will take place on each day of the conference. The workshops are 60 minutes in length. Workshop presenters will have access to a laptop with PowerPoint, a projector and a screen in each room. Topics may include innovations and promising practices for risk assessment, risk management and safety planning, survivor perspectives.

Panel/Symposia Sessions (60 minutes)
These sessions are designed to allow a team of presenters (2-4) to bring a variety of perspectives to a single education topic, initiative, or experience that might not otherwise be possible within a single concurrent session. Panels should allow for a minimum of 15 minutes for audience engagement.

Poster Presentations
Posters will be presented during a single poster session. Presenting authors will be required to stand by their poster during the session. Poster presentation formats may be traditional, display stand, or electronic. Poster boards are 4’ by 8’ and all material must fit in that space. Poster Session will take place on Wednesday, October 18, 2017 from 4:30 – 6:00 p.m.

Graduate Student Sessions (60 minutes)
Sessions by Master’s and PhD students will use the same format as the traditional concurrent sessions, and will be reviewed using the same criteria.  These sessions will pertain to the focus of their respective graduate study.

Note: Due to limitations regarding the number of each session type in the program, the Proposal Review Committee may elect to recommend some submissions for a session format other than that originally intended by the authors.

Submission Review Criteria

Submissions will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • Originality – Novelty of ideas, methods, program or evaluation approach; brings a different perspective by virtue of setting, discipline, and or application of solution.
  • Importance to domestic violence work; contributes new knowledge, brings forward lessons learned.
  • Overall Impression – Good synthesis of initiative, demonstrates alignment of purpose, approach, findings, and implications.
  • Relevance to conference themes

Proposal Submission Deadline

Abstracts must be submitted by April 30, 2017 using the online submission process to be considered for presentation at the conference - link for submissions is