Clark Russell

Clark Russell, Government of British Columbia

Clark Russell, Director of System & Service Coordination: Clark Russell has 35 years of service in policing in the Victoria area with extensive experience dealing with issues relating to domestic violence and the prevention of domestic violence. Clark was involved in the creation of the Victoria Regional Domestic Violence Unit which responds to high risk domestic violence cases and has been a member of the Violence against Women in Relationships Committee in Victoria since 2001. He was also a member on the Coroner’s Domestic Violence Death Review Panel that examined 29 deaths involving domestic violence circumstances and made recommendations for preventing similar deaths in the future. Through his work with the Victoria Police Department, Clark has built close working relationships with several of the stakeholders and groups that deal with domestic violence in B.C. As Director of System and Service Coordination, he is able to draw on both these relationships and his previous experiences to ensure the collaboration and coordination of domestic violence supports and services across the province.