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Canadian Domestic Homicide Prevention Initiative

Domestic homicides account for 1 in 5 murders in Canada. Each province and territory is involved in learning from these deaths through death review committees, coroners' investigations, inquests, inquiries or research studies. 

The Canadian Domestic Homicide Prevention Initiative (CDHPI) website is dedicated to bringing researchers and practitioners together to share knowledge that can inform promising practices in the prevention of domestic homicide.  In particular, the CDHPI is focused on identifying emerging risk assessment, risk management, and safety planning strategies.

A major part of our work emphasizes the unique needs of vulnerable populations such as Aboriginal, immigrant and refugee, rural, remote, and northern communities, and children living with domestic violence. This focus is currently funded by a five-year SSHRC partnership grant (2015-2020). For more about the CDHPI as a whole, click on "About Us". To learn more about the current SSHRC research project, click here.

The website includes resources and initiatives from all provinces and territories, news and events, and learning opportunities.

In The Spotlight

Domestic Violence Initiatives in Canada

In Canada, we have many different sectors working to prevent domestic violence, including risk assessment, risk management, safety planning strategies to prevent domestic homicide. In addition to the domestic violence death review committees that currently exist in Canada, there are various committees and coalitions producing and disseminating knowledge in this area. 

The CDHPI has produced a clickable map to highlight this work across Canada. By clicking on individual provinces and territories in the map you will be able to check out what is happening in each jurisdiction.

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