Partnership Members


Myrna Dawson
Director, Centre for the Study of Social and Legal Responses to Violence
University of Guelph

Peter Jaffe
Academic Director, Centre for Research & Education on Violence against Women & Children (CREVAWC)
Western University                

Management Team

Elsa Barreto, Digital Media Specialist

Julie Poon, National Research Coordinator

Anna-Lee Straatman, Project Manager


Diane Crocker, Saint Mary’s University

Myriam Dubé, Université du Québec à Montréal

Jordan Fairbairn, King's, Western University

Sepali Guruge, Ryerson University

Catherine Holtmann, Muriel McQueen Fergusson Centre for Family Violence Research

Julie Kaye. University of Saskatchewan

Nicole Letourneau, RESOLVE Alberta

Pertice Moffitt, North Slave Research Centre/ Aurora Research Institute

Kendra Nixon, University of Manitoba

Cathy Richardson/Kinewesquao, Université de Montréal

Kate Rossiter, Simon Fraser University and Ending Violence Association of BC

Katreena L. Scott, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education


Deidre Bainbridge, Chief Coroner and Forensic Pathology Service of Ontario

Linda Baker, Western University

Mohammed Baobaid, Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration

Janelle Braun, Manitoba Justice Victim Services

Deborah Doherty, Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick

Jo-Anne Dusel, Provincial Association of Transition Houses and Services of Saskatchewan

Anuradha Dugal, Canadian Women’s Foundation

Claudette Dumont-Smith, Consultant

Nicole Eshkakogan, Scientific Director, Awo Taan Healing Lodge Society

Amy S. FitzGerald, BC Society of Transition Houses

Crystal Giesbrecht, Provincial Association of Transition Houses and Services of Saskatchewan

N. Zoe Hilton, Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care

Margaret Jackson, FREDA Centre for Research on Violence Against Women and Children

Randy Kropp, Forensic Psychiatric Services Commission, British Columbia

Simon Lapierre,  University of Ottawa

Geneviève Lessard, Laval University

Maggie MacKillop, Homefront Calgary

Barb MacQuarrie, Western University

Krystle Maki, Women’s Shelters Canada

Cathy Menard, Northwest Territories Office of the Chief Coroner

Tracy Porteous, Ending Violence Association of BC

David O’Brien, Government of Prince Edward Island

Anita Olsen Harper, National Aboriginal Circle Against Family Violence

Aruna Papp, Consultant

Lydia Quinn, RCMP/Police Nova Scotia

Diane Redsky, Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Deborah Sinclair, Consultant

Verona Singer, Coordinator HRP Victim Services

Rona Smith, Government of Prince Edward Island

Wendy Verhoek-Oftedahl, Government of Prince Edward Island

Lana Wells, University of Calgary

Lorraine Whalley, Fredericton Sexual Assault Crisis Centre

Ian Wheeliker, Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters

Research Assistants

Abir Al Jamal, Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration

Mary Aspinall, University of New Brunswick

Danielle Bader, University of Guelph

Jennifer Bon Bernard, University of Calgary

Randal David, Western University

Misha Dhillon, Ending Violence Association of BC (EVA BC)

Alana Glecia, University of Saskatchewan

Meghan Gosse, Dalhousie University

Renée Hoffart, University of Manitoba

Nicole Jeffrey, University of Guelph

Anna Johnson, University of Guelph

Salima Massoui, Université du Québec à Montréal

Olivia Peters, University of Manitoba

Katherine (Kay) Reif, Western University

Gursharan Sandhu, University of Guelph

Danielle Sutton, University of Guelph

Melissa Wuerch, University of Regina

Sarah Yercich, Simon Fraser University