CDHPC Workship Slides - Day 2

10:30 – 11:30 WORKSHOPS

Addressing Family Violence Directed at Men as One of the Ways for Prevention of Domestic Homicide in Canada (RA,RM,SP,DH)
Alexandra Lysova

Enhancing Collaboration Between Children’s Aid Societies and Adult Mental Health Services: Recommendations to Minimize the Risk for Future Abuse and Homicide (RA,RM,SP,DH)
Robin Mason, Janice DuMont, & Maeve Paterson

Examining Risk Factors and Escalation in Non-Criminal Domestic Dispute Cases (C)
Angela Hovey, Lori Chambers, Susan Scott & Carly Roberts

Honour-Based Violence as an Emerging Concern in Newfoundland and Labrador (I/R)
Malin Enström

Identifying and Managing High Risk for Lethal Intimate Partner Violence (RA,RM,SP,DH)
Liam Ennis, Sandy Jung & Zoe Hilton

Living With an Abusive Partner: Strategies for Staying Safer (in Rural Communities) (RRN)
Deborah Doherty

Risk Assessment at the Courthouse Door (RRN)
Hilary Linton & Guncha Murara

Risk Assessment, Risk Management, and Safety Planning Strategies in Immigrant and Refugee Populations: A Review of the Literature (I/R)
Sarah Yercich, Randal David, Abir Al Jamal, Kate Rossiter & Jordan Fairbairn

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle: A Transnational Perspective to Understand Immigrant Women’s Responses to Risk Assessment and Safety Planning (I/R)
Vathsala Illesinghe

12:30 – 1:30 WORKSHOPS

Addressing the Challenges of Conducting Domestic Violence Research among Rural, Remote, and Northern Populations (RRN)
Nicole Jeffrey, Danielle Bader, Anna Johnson, Melissa Wuerch, Jordan Fairbairn, Myrna Dawson & Mary Hampton

Appropriate Screening for IPV in Family Mediation (C)
Jennifer Suzor & Mary-Anne Popescu

Basic Legal Information for On-Reserve Shelter Workers (I)
Anita Olsen Harper, Carole Brazeau

Building Supports Project: Safety through Housing Access for Immigrant and Refugee Women Leaving Violence (I/R)
Sarah Yercich, Margaret Jackson & Louise Godard

Creating a Common Understanding of Risk (RA,RM, SP,DH)
Lisa Heslop, Katreena Scott, Tim Kelly & Kate Wiggins

Emerging Trends in Intimate Partner Homicide and How to Prevent (C)
Frans Koenraadt

Interagency Case Assessment Teams: Working Together to Reduce the Risk of Domestic Violence (RA,RM,SP,DH)
Debby Hamilton & Tracy Porteous

Making Links Between Domestic Violence/Homicide and Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (I)
Terri Brown

Navigating Complex Systems Advocating for Indigenous Cultural Right to Service (I)
Trish Patrick & Cindilee Ecker-Flagg

Overcoming Barriers: A Coordinated Response to Violence Against Immigrant Women in New Brunswick (I/R)
Jael Duarte

1:45 – 2:45 WORKSHOPS

Assessing and Responding to Risk with Immigrant and Refugee Families Using a Culturally Integrative Family Safety Response Model (I/R)
Lynda M. Ashbourne, Mohammed Baobaid & Abir Al Jamal

Awakening the Warrior Within- What We Have Learned (I)
Glenn Patterson & Patrick Hopps

Best Practices Using Technology to Support Survivors & Their Advocates in Rural and Remote Communities (RRN)
Paula Wansbrough & Pamela Cross

Honour Based Violence Differs from Domestic Violence  & Honor Based Violence: Child Protection Standpoint (I/R)
Aruna Papp & Anusha Jaura-Sindhwani

Housing, Homelessness and Violence against Women: A Review of Current Practices and Policies (RA,RM,SP,DH)
Krystle Maki

Lessons from a High Risk Program for Domestic Homicide (RA,RM,SP,DH)
Verona Singer

Living the Strong Women’s Life (I)
Brenda Young & Dawn-Estelle Miskokomon

Recognising Domestic Abuse as a Risk Factor in Child Homicides – A UK Perspective (RA,RM,SP,DH)
Russell Wate QPM

Strengthening Safety Networks for Children Living with Domestic Violence: Community Partnerships that Address Safety Planning and Risk Management Strategies (C)
Maureen Reid & Colleen Innes

Using the Spousal Assault Risk Assessment Guide (SARA-V3) to Assess and Manage Risk for Intimate Partner Lethal Violence (RA,RM,SP,DH)
Randall Kropp