Conference Committee Members

Peter Jaffe, Western University

Myrna Dawson, University of Guelph

Anna-Lee Straatman, Western University
Anu Dugal, Canadian Women’s Foundation

Aruna Papp, Collaborator

Crystal Giesbrecht, PATHSSK

Diane Crocker, Saint Marys University

Jennifer Lord, Native Women’s Association of Canada

Jane Ursel, Univeristy of Manitoba

Jordan Fairbairn, Western University

Julie Czeck, Provincial Office of Domestic Violence, BC
Kate Rossiter, EVABC and Simon Fraser University

Marcie Campbell, Western University

Mary Hampton, University of Regina

Mohammed Baobaid, Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration

Myriam Dube, Universite de Quebec a Montreal

Randy Kropp, BC Forensic Services Commission

Zoe Hilton, Waypoint Mental Health Centre