Jennifer Bon Bernard

Jennifer Bon Bernard, University of Calgary

Jennifer Bon Bernard completed her Baccalaureate in Nursing from the University of Calgary and has spent the majority of her career in public health. It was this clinical experience that has motivated her to explore how program planning and healthy public policy contribute to building resilient individuals and communities, particularly with populations exposed to increased social risk factors. With this in mind, she made the decision to pursue graduate studies. She has completed one year towards her Masters of Science, specializing in Population and Public Health at the University of Calgary. As part of her graduate education, she is working as a RN interventionist on the VID-KIDS (Video-Feedback Interaction Guidance for Improving Interactions Between Depressed Mothers and their Infants) CIHR-funded study, which is examining how the serve and return relationship between mothers and their infants can be impacted and improved when post-partum depression is present. Jennifer is excited to derive her master's thesis from this project, focusing on women's experiences and developing a theory of intervention processes in VID-KIDS.