Julie Kaye

Julie Kaye, Assistant Professor, Faculty Member in Sociology

Julie Kaye, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Saskatchewan. Working in the areas of critical criminology, community research and organizing, and feminist, decolonial scholarship, Dr. Kaye’s research examines settler-colonialism and Indigenous-led responses to varying forms of colonial gender violence and criminalization as well as harm reduction, consent, self-determination, and body sovereignty. Her forthcoming book – Responding to Human Trafficking: Dispossession, Colonial Violence, and Resistance among Indigenous and Racialized Women, published by University of Toronto press (August 2017) – examines anti-trafficking responses in the context of settler-colonialism in Canada. Dr. Kaye’s engaged work has led to a number of community mobilization activities, such as the community-based artistic work, Our Breaking Point: Canada’s Violation of Rights in Life and Death and publications such as a contribution to the reconciliation symposium in the Canadian Review of Sociology. She has also led critical investigations into responses to human trafficking, which can be found in Social Inclusion and the Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice. She makes her work on international comparisons of legislation affecting sex industries, and the effects of such legislations on sex workers, migrant workers, and human rights widely available, including publications in New York TimesToronto Star, and Edmonton Journal.