Randy Kropp

Randy Kropp, Simon Fraser University

Dr. Kropp is a clinical and forensic psychologist specializing in the assessment and management of violent offenders. He works for the Forensic Psychiatric Services Commission of British Columbia, Canada, is a research consultant with the British Columbia Institute against Family Violence, and is Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Simon Fraser University. He has conducted numerous workshops for mental health professionals, police officers, corrections staff, and others in North America, Australia, Asia, Africa, and Europe. This training has focused on risk for violence, psychological assessments and criminal harassment (stalking). He has frequently consulted with provincial, state, and federal government ministries on matters related to violence against women and children, and the assessment and treatment of violent offenders. He has published numerous journal articles, book chapters, and research reports, and he is co-author to several works on risk assessment, including the Manual for the Spousal Assault Risk Assessment Guide, the Manual for the Sexual Violence Risk – 20, and the Risk for Sexual Violence Protocol (RSVP).

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