Simon Lapierre

Simon Lapierre, Associate Professor, School of Social Work, University of Ottawa

Simon Lapierre is Associate Professor in the School of Social Work. He is a founding member of the Feminist Anti-Violence (FemAnVi) Research Collective. His research work, conducted in partnership with feminist activists and practitioners, investigates different manifestations of violence against women, including domestic, sexual and structural violence. His work has also focused on children’s experiences and perspectives on domestic violence, and on women’s experiences of mothering in the context of domestic violence. He has published several articles and books, including Regards critiques sur la maternité dans divers contextes sociaux (PUQ, 2012), Failure-to-Protect: Moving beyond Gendered Responses (Fernwood, 2013) and Violences dans la vie des enfants et des adolescents (PUQ, 2016).